PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara

PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara, a subsidiary of PT.Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia that was established in 2006, engaged in the business of trade in goods and services. With capabilities that are owned by our parent company and experience possessed by our personnel, PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara ready to supply goods and services, among others:

Anti Corrosion Tape System

Central Plastics Products Company distributed in Indonesia by PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara. Elected to supply various kinds of products because the Central Plastic manufacturing background and a very superior, we believe that both the company and the product is very suitable with the Indonesian market. Central products include:


  • PolyCoat Anti Corrosion Coating System is a product of cathodic protection for the application pipe buried in soil
  • STAC (Surface Tolerant Anti Corrosion) Coating System is an anti corrosion products used for maintenance projects
  • Splash Pro is an anti-corrosion products for applications underwater pipeline or to jetty piles in splash zone areas
  • PolyWrapper having all kinds of these products allow us to meet the needs of the majority of the industry in dealing with corrosion protection to be applied in both on land and sea.


Biocat is a special probiotic microorganisms that produce enzymes which generate. Enzymes digestive enzymes produced are describing large and complex molecules into smaller constituent parts. Complex carbohydrates such as flour will be elaborated into amino acids. Fats and oils will be resolved into fatty acids and glycerin. Unlike the complex molecule, the product descriptions / smaller fractions are more easily consumed by the bacteria directly. Application:

  • Sewage/Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Septic Tank
  • Slaughter house
  • Ranch chicken
  • The food industry
  • Restoran dan Food Court
  • Other industries that produce organic waste
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Water Treatment Chemicals

To support our holding company that engages in Water and Wastewater Treatment, our company can provide some type of chemical for the application as a coagulant, flocculant and chemicals for reverse osmosis units.


Some chemical coagulant which we can supply them Aluminum Sulphate, Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) and various types of polymer for the flocculant. Chemical that we can supply to the Reverse Osmosis unit including: Entra Chlorinator, Entra Dechlorinator, Entra 8010 ASC (Antiscalant) and Entra Series CIP (Cleaning Chemical).

Catalysts & Adsorbents

Working together with our experienced partners in producing the catalyst and adsorbent, we can provide some kind of catalyst and adsorbent are:

  • Catalyst for minimizing emissions (Environmental Catalyst)


  • Adsorbent & Catalyst for Hydrogen Plant dan Refinery
  • Adsorbent for Hydrocarbon Purification
  • Molecular Sieve

Mechanical Sparepart

To complement the capabilities of its parent firm, our company can provide some mechanical products for applications in water treatment units and Wastewater treatment, including :

  • Filter Nozzle
  • Bearing


  • Dosing pump
  • Ultraviolet

Flotation Pilot Skid Rental

One issue is sticking to the current industrial activity is the presence of heavy metal contaminated wastewater generated by industries should be discarded into the environment. Some experience of our clients have a problem to determine the most effective unit processes and efficient to separate heavy metals from waste water generated.


With increased environmental issues, then our company with the support of PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia which has a design capability in the field of Dissolved Air flotation and support from PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama as the manufacturer, has designed and manufacturing Pilot Skid Dissolved Air flotation. This unit has a capacity of 25 liters / minute which is very easy to be mobilized and highly suitable for field tested. This unit has been tested in one oil company in Indonesia and successfully treating and separating a heavy metal from the Produce water to meet the standard quality of wastewater.

We stand ready to lease a Pilot Skid Dissolved Air flotation is to our clients, especially companies that are seeking solutions to determine the separation process units of heavy metals from wastewater generated. The evaluation results Dissolved Air flotation unit can be used as pilot skid as a reference for determining the large-scale processing units.


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