1. Technology Advisor

Address :

Kompleks Deplu Kreo 27,

RT 01/ RW 01 Kreo Selatan, Tangerang 15156

Place and Date of Birth :

Bandung, Indonesia, 3 August 1957



Higher degree, Ph.D in Refractory Materials, Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield, 1995.

Higher  degree,  MSc.Tech.  Science  and  Technology  of Ceramics,  School  of  Materials, University of Sheffield, September 1990.

First degree , Physical Chemistry, Bandung Institute of Technology ; October 1984.



~ Technology Foresight. Training Workshop, ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology, Bangkok, 15-19 December 2003

~ Accreditation System Training Course, The Association for Technical Scholarship (AOTS), 9-22 October 2002, Yokohama, Japan.

~ One-day Workshop on Scenario Planning, 25 June 1998, STMP1-BPPT, Jakart

~ Workshop on Assessing Linkages between Industry and R&D Institutions and Other

~ Determinants of Industrial Innovation, 14 – 17 April 1998, STMP-BPPT, Jakarta.

~ Tutorial and Guided Study (TAGS) on Technical Change, Strategy and Development, 5 January–27 March 1998, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex, Brighton,UK.

~ Workshop on Assessing the Role of Institutional Linkages as Catalysts of Innovation,  10-12 September 1997, STMP- BPPT, Cimande, Bogor.

~ Management Organisation and Development (MOD), Crown Agent, 30 June – 12 August 1997, Worthing, United Kingdom.

~ Workshop on Industrial Technology Development, Bappenas and the World Bank, 24-26 June 1996, Jakarta, Indonesia.

~ International Workshop on Commercialization of R&D Outputs, Science and Technology Policy Asian Network (STEPAN), 27-29 November 1995, Jakarta, Indonesia.

~ Integrated Graduate Development Scheme on Metal Corrosion, University of Sheffield, 27-30 April 1995, Sheffield, UK.




Director of the Centre for Innovation Technology Policy Assessment BPPT (July 2014 – January 2016)

Managing research activities to promote industrial cluster development in collaboration with several local governments ( cities of Tangerang Selatan, Pekalongan and Cimahi; districts of Pelalawan, Bantaeng, Ngawi and Grobogan ).

Coordinating development of Technopark in the city of Cimahi.

Director of the Centre of Policy Assessment for Competitiveness BPPT (February 2012 – July 2014)

Managing research activities to promote regional innovation system in collaboration with Research and Development Agency Ministry of Home Affairs and several local governments (cities of Tangerang Selatan, Pekalongan and Cimahi; districts of Pelalawan, Bantaeng, Belitung, Kapuas Hulu, Katingan, Bangli, Ngawi, Gunung Kidul, Gresik and Malang ).

Reshaping business process in the unit to ensure better interactions between researchers and managers.

Director of the Centre for Diffusion Technology Policy Assessment BPPT (August 2009 – February 2012)

Managing research activities to establish Innovation Centre for Small and Medium Entreprises ( SMEs) in collaboration with Coordinating Ministry for Economy and local technology intermediaries.

Promoting regional innovation system in coordination with Ministry for Research and

Technology, Research and Development Agency Ministry of Home Affairs.

Initiating first contact with several local governments to introduce regional innovation system and signing Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) accordingly.

Member of Indonesia Country Team on IDRC-funded project of City Innovation System (CIS- ASIA) implemented by Chulalangkorn University (2009 – 2011)

Undertaking policy research to identify local innovative projects in Jakarta which can contribute to city development outcomes.

Member of Practical Operation Committee of Korea Indonesia Technology Centre (KITC) a collaboration of KITECH and Indonesian Ministry of Industry (2006 – 2007)

Assisting KITC manager to identify and support joint research activities between Korean scientists and their Indonesian counterparts relevant to industrial development as well as investment potentials.

Senior staff at Bureau of Planning BPPT (April 2006  –  August 2009)

Supporting head of Planning Bureau in preparation of budget allocation for research activities undertaken by BPPT researchers based on technology roadmaps.

Advisor to the Secretary of Indonesia National Research Council, Dewan Riset Nasional/ DRN (May 2006  –  March 2010)

Coordinating in-house research activities to support policy recommendation to the Ministry of Research and Technology.

Facilitating regional research councils (Dewan Riset Daerah) to access relevant counterparts within the Central Government.

Head of Program Development Division at the Bureau of Planning BPPT (March 2003 – April 2006)

Responsible for overall BPPT budget allocation in coordination with National Planning Agency (Bappenas ) and Ministry of Finance.

Coordinating the activities of Technology Foresight and Scan, Priority Setting, quick response unit and clustering of various technological research within BPPT.

Head of SME Development Division, Centre for Policy of Regional and SMEs Development, BPPT (2001 – 2003)

Coordinating a group of scientists to undertake policy research to upgrade SME’s technological capability by facilitating them to interact with relevant research agencies, intermediaries and universities.

Member of sub-Steering Committee of a joint project German Ministry of Research and Higher Education (BMBf) and Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology on Indonesian Science and Technology Landscape Mapping and Evaluation (PERISKOP), 2001 – 2002

Supporting Steering Committee members with updated information related to progress of project implementation

Facilitating researchers from Fraunhoffer Institute to map ten Indonesian cities as the representatives of Indonesia using RALIS ( Rapid Assessment of Local Innovation System ) method.

Project Manager/National Coordinator of a collaborative project Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), National Research Council (NRC) and Indonesian BPPT of Canada Indonesia Technology Network (CITN), 1999 – 2000

Managing network and technical advisors to establish connection and network of people as well entities working on SMEs, both electronically using ICT and conventionally.

Organizing back-up office to ensure smooth field operation

Part-time lecturer on Ceramic science and technology, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Metallurgy and Materials, University of Indonesia, 1997 – 2009

Class teaching and supervising post-graduate students

Researcher on Science and Technology Management Project (STMP), BPPT (1997 – 1999)

Undertaking research on science and technology institutional linkages and industry specific studies on steel  under supervision of experts from Centre for Research Policy ( CRP ) University of Wooloongong from Australia, Science Policy Research Unit ( SPRU) University of Sussex and Technopolis of Brighton from United Kingdom.

Assistant to the coordinator of Monitoring, Evaluation and Program Development of Joint- degree Program LINK-STAID2, a World Bank-funded program implemented by BPPT (1995 – 1998)

Supporting executives with detailed reports

Preparing relevant documents as required by the World Bank

Liaising Indonesian universities of University of Indonesia, Institute Technology of  Bandung and Institute Technology of Sepuluh November with potential foreign counterparts of Colorado School of Mines, Queensland University of Technology, University of New South Wales and University of Newcastle.

Assistant to the project manager of Bali Ceramic Art Development, BPPT, 1986 – 1987

Liaising field operation in Denpasar with management in BPPT headquarter in Jakarta.

Coordinating research activities with lecturers at Udayana University.

Assistant to Resin Plant Manager, PT UFORIN PRAJEN ADHESIVE, Palembang (1985-1986)

Supporting  the preparation for initial plant operation to manufacture plywood adhesives.


Assessment  of  Public  Research  and  Technology Institutions,  World  Bank,  September- December 2010Sub-sector  Industry  Analysis  towards  Implementation of     Sustainable  Competitiveness through Responsible Enterprise (SCORE) Project, ILO, September 2008Project Document on UNIDO’s perspective towards UN Joint Programme to support MDGs in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), UNIDO, April 2007 Impact Assessment and Final Evaluation : Local Settlement Programme for Former East Timorese Internally Displaced Persons, UNDP, March 2007 Needs Assessment on Post-earthquakes in Alor-NTT and Nabire-Papua, UNDP, April 2005 Assessment on Post-conflict Recovery “Towards Peaceful Development, Reconciliation and Recovery in Poso Regency”, ILO, May 2004 Development of Learning Materials for Improving Productivity in Wood Furniture Industry in Central Java, ILO, October 2003 “Assessing the Impact of Internationalizing Higher Education on the Research System in Indonesia”, UNESCO-Aegis UWS Australia, December 2003Value Chain upgrading in wood furniture industry in Central Java, ILO, May 2003“SMEs Development in  North Sumatera,  Status  and  Prospect”,  World  Bank  study  on Regional Public Expenditure Review (RPER), September 2001


2. Finance Advisor

Address :

Jl Salam II/16 Rt 01/07

Sukabumi Utara – KebonJeruk Jakarta Barat 11540

Place/date of Birth :

Solo, 9 Nov 1953

E.mail :

 FORMAL  EDUCATIONJayabaya University , Faculty of Economics ( 1983 )

PPM    School    of   Management,   Pre    MBA   Program   Wijawiyata Management  (1985 )

Stock Exchange Broker, Dealer and Trader Lisence, Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia ( 1990 )



Excursion &    Training,    Hospitals    Management,    Den    Haag,    the Netherland ( 1981)

Stock Exchange Road Show & Benchmarking – Singapore ( 1992 )

Stock Exchange Road Show & Benchmarking – London & Zurich ( 1994) Asian – Pacific City Summit 9th Conference – Kagoshima Japan ( 2011)

Customer Relations & Personnel Development Course, Dale Carnegie(1988)

Treasury and Risk Management Workshop, Price Waterhouse ( 1989) Technical Analysis Workshop ( 1991)

Other trainings, seminars & workshops.



Dharma Bhakti ASTRA Foundation, a foundation   in nurturing and facilitating the  growth of Micro Small and Medium Entreprises (MSME) in Indonesia engaged in business with Astra Group as well as MSMEs in sectors unrelated to Astra Group businesses, empowering the local  economic  ventures in the vicinity of Astra Group network, and to promote entrepreneurship and skills among member of the community.

Position :Excecutive Board, Secretary of The Foundation (2010).

PT Astra Mitra Ventura, a Venture Capital Corporation, affiliated co. of PT Astra International. Venture financing to MSMEs Investee such are subcontractor, automotive component producer, medical equiptment manufacturer, small hospital and waste water treatment (WWT/WTP) as well.

Position :Director ( 2008 )

PT Super Glosindo Indah, Plastic painting plant, 1st layer subcontractor of PT Astra Honda Motor.

Position :Commissioner ( 2008 )

PT Sigap Prima Astrea, Security Guard provider

Position :Finance General Manager ( 2006 )

PT Astra Securities, Member of Jakarta Stock Exchange

Position :Marketing, Operation Manager ( 1999 )

PT DhanatunggalUtama, Member of Jakarta Stock Exchange

Position :General Manager ( 1991 )

PT United Tractors, Heavy Equipment Distributor eg.Komatsu

Position :Treasury Finance Section Head ( 1989 )

St Carolus Hospital, Health Care

Position :Department Head ( 1984 )



PT KLIND Solusi Lestari, Bussiness and Manufacture Consultant

Position : Commissioner ( 2012)

PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia, EPC WWT/Water Treatment Plant

Position : Advisor (2011)

Independent Consultant ( 2011)


3. Engineering Advisor

I Nyoman Widyatmika, born in Mataram, July 20, 1977, completed his studies in Chemical Engineering from Institute Technology Bandung (ITB) in 2000 and a Master of Science degree from the UNESCO IHE Delft in Sanitary Engineering in 2004 with Cum Laude.

I Nyoman Widyatmika is a Engineering Advisor of PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia, Directo of PT Prakarsa Etsa Utama, Director of PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara and President Director of PT. Prakarsa Energy Globalindo.

He started his career at PT. Guna Elektro as a Process Engineer in 2000 and finally got a scholarship to continue his master’s education in the Netherlands in 2002. After getting a master’s degree, decided to rejoin his former colleagues at PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia from 2005.