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ENVIRO CBR is wastewater treatment technology based on Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology. Carrier media is an important factor to determine the effectiveness and efficiency for microorganism growth. The biomass that grow in these media will treat organic and inorganic substance in wastewater with their metabolism process to produce safer wastewater for environment.

Benefits of ENVIRO CBR:

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  • Compact – Carrier media have the largest surface area (per 1m3 volume) for biomass growth. These media characteristic make the treatment area system smaller and more compact.
  • Simple operation – No need parameter control. The system doesn’t need expert operator.
  • Stable effluent characteristic – Biofilm can handle unstable fluctuation of wastewater loading.
  • Flexible to handle expansion of wastewater treatment capacity.


Carrier media in ENVIRO CBR (Clog-free Bioreactor) is thin porous biochip. The benefits of this biochip:

  • There is no clogging in the media that block oxygen penetration and organic loading. Clogging make the process don’t run efficiently.
  • Surface area of the carrier media is 3000 m2 per m3 volume, five times larger than other carrier medias. This process is more effective and efficient than others.
  • Simple, no maintenance or media replacement needed because the material made from PE.

ENVIRO CBR will make degradation of COD/Ammonia with aerobic process and nitrification. This process is suitable for domestic and industrial wastewater that have high organic (BOD/COD) and ammonia. Some typical applications of ENVIRO CBR are: foods and beverage, pulp and paper industry, oil and gas industry or in shipping wastewater treatment installation.



On sewage water treatment, ENVIRO CBR ready to install with specification as:

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