Enviro DAF

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ENVIRO ® DAF is a package of water treatment and waste water are based on technology Dissolved Air flotation (DAF). DAF itself is a chemistry-physics technology that has proven effective for water treatment as well as a pretreatment for the wastewater treatment industry. In the process, the micro bubbles (20-50m) generated from the production system of water saturation is reacted with air-suspended particles to the surface of the water to be separated by a skimmer system. ENVIRO DAF ® package has been completed all the necessary processing system for application in water treatment and waste water processing to provide an integrated processing unit, such as chemical injection systems, filtration systems and disinfection systems.



  • Surface or deep well water clarification
  • Primary/secondary clarification
  • Sludge thickening
  • Oil & grease removal
  • White water clarification
  • Fiber recovery
  • Algae removal
  • Refinery oily waste water treatment
  • Juice clarification

Benefits of ENVIRO® DAF Package System

  1. Incorporated most advance micro bubble generation :
  • Generation of saturated pressure water with only a single multiphase pump without the need for air compressor or pressure tank
  • Easiness and instantaneously micro bubble production
  • Special mixing mechanism for maximum blending and mixing between influent and super-saturated water
  1. Skid mounted design for easy installation and rapid start up
  2. Minimal space requirement
  3. Higher sludge dryness for lower sludge handling cost
  4. Simple operation and less maintenance
  5. Manual or full automatic operation
  6. Expert technical support before and after installation
  7. Proven applications