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ENVIRO SED units designed and manufactured to provide the most economical solution and effectively to the need for sedimentation and purification unit with the injection of chemicals, the right timing and mixing during the process of flocculation, setting up the inlet flow and using tube settler which is designed specifically to produce units that able to purify raw water with high turbidity with an area smaller than a conventional sedimentation units. In some cases, ENVIRO SED only needs an area one third of the needs of the area of conventional sedimentation system. With a compact shape, this unit can be partly or wholly manufacture in a workshop to facilitate its installation at the project site.



  • Water Supply
  • Heavy metals removal
  • Activated sludge clarification and thickener
  • Pre-sedimentation/pretreatment process in wastewater treatment plant

Benefits of ENVIRO SED Package System

  • Compact design and modular
  • Less footprint, up to 1/3 compared to conventional sedimentation
  • Skid mounted design for easy installation and rapid startup
  • Many different design option
  • Simple operation and less maintenance
  • Manual or full automatic operation
  • Expert technical support before and after installation
  • Proven application