texin Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia was established on June, 21st 2002 by Texin Sirait, Rumanti Yuliasih, and Heru Indrayatno. Enviro run water treatment and wastewater treatment business and start the operation on 2002 at Pondok Pekayon Indah DD 4 No. 5. In 2003, Eko Yulianto, Luhut Tunggul Sianturi, and Tiasning Agus Setiani joined Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia and on December, 22nd 2003 Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia’s office moved to Grha Prakindo, Villa Galaxy AR 2 No. 22, Bekasi until now. On January 2004, the investment grow and Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia buy a storage in Pekayon to store Enviro’s fabrication products.

On March, 21st 2005, PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama established as subsidiary of PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia that run steel fabrication and control panel assembling workshop. PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama become one of component provider and fabrication service. PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama located on Pedurenan, Bantar Gebang on 1000 m2 area from Salomo Purba suggestion and Salomo Purba join PT. Prakarsa Etsa Utama at the same year. On this year, PT. Astra Mitra Ventura gave financial support to Prakindo Group.

Prakindo Group developed the business continuously over the time. On September, 15th 2006, PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara was established. PT. Prakarsa Entra Nusantara gives after sales service or goods supply that doesn’t need EPC. On February, 1st 2008, PT. Prakarsa Energi Globalindo was established as service support to oil and gas company. On August, 28th 2008, Grha Prakindo officially become operational office for PT. Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia.

Koperasi Prakindo established on September, 6th 2008 as a corporation for all employee at Prakindo Group to increase employment prosperity. Koperasi Prakindo gives a corporate work that could run by all Prakindo employers. Prakindo’s business completed with PT. Prakarsa Ekspres Antarnusa as travel agency support.

On April, 12th 2010, Prakindo signed contract with PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia with contract worth US$5.450.111. This project became big project in Duri, Pekanbaru, Riau. On April, 12th 2012 Prakindo Group got support from Permata Bank and on June, 25th 2013 Prakindo got support from Bank Rakyat Indonesia. For now, Prakindo still run water and waste water treatment business to reach vision and mission of the company.


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