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Prakindo News August 2017

Fostering Synergistic Partnership      | No: 19 Edition August 2017




On Friday, August 4, 2017, the HSE Team of PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia held an HSE Internal Induction to equip the Project Team that will execute the WTP and WWTP Package 7 projects in Nabire and Ternate. This induction is held in Wokshop Meeting Room which is located at Jl. Benda No. 100 Padurenan, Mustika Jaya districts,  Bekasi city.

The HSE induction was shared by Mrs. Trisna Widyaningsih as HSE Coordinator of PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia, with materials such as:

  • Commitment of Occupation and Occupational Health
  • Rule Safety:
  1. Completeness of Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Completeness and feasibility of work tools
  3. Work procedures
  4. Project Organization Structure
  5. Emergency Response Structure
  6. Job Safety Analysis
  7. Job description

This HSE induction was given by Trisna Widyaningsih as HSE Coordinator of PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia. With this Induction, it is expected that the Project Team can work as closely as possible and remain committed to the occupational health and safety, so that the project can be completed well and there are no casualties. (TW)


PT WIJAYA KARYA, (Persero) Tbk.



PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia gained the trust of one of their Customers to handle WTP and WWTP Work. For a few months ago PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia followed the Tender process held by PT Wijaya Karya, (Persero) Tbk. After going through various processes of clarification to price negotiations, finally PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia was appointed as the winner for the WTP Procurement package and WWTP PLTMG Paket IV Capacity 1.5 mph

The cooperation contract has been signed by both parties on Monday, 21 August 2017. The WTP and WWTP procurement project is located in Maumere, Bima and Sumbawa.

ENVIRO®  DAF is water/wastewater treatment package unit which relies on superior Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology for wter treatment and as pretreatment for industrial wastewater treatment. It is a process which relies on uniting air bubbles ( 20 – 50 mm) coming from air saturated water production system with suspended particles and subsequently, raising the suspended particles to the surface for remocal by skimmer system. Within ENVIRO® DAF package, all process treatment necessary for application in water treatment or pretreatment included to provide an integral treatment system such as chemical dosing system, filtration system and disinfection system.

For water treatment application, ENVIRO® DAF  is generally more effective than gravity settling and particularly applicable to highly colored (due organic or Fe & Mn content), low alkalinity and low to moderate turbidity raw water. ENVIRO® DAF    operates on smaller sized floc than gravity settling which reduce the use of chemical coagulants and flocculants. It can achieve very low effluent turbidities, conducive to long filters runs. The float from the DAF is more highly concentrated than the sludge from settling, there by reducing the cost of sludge handling and disposal.