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Prakindo News Februari 2017

No: 14 Edition Februari 2017

Prakindo Group Received Visit from

President Director of PT ASTRA MITRA VENTURA

On Tuesday, February 28th 2017 Prakindo Group received the visit of President Director of PT ASTRA MITRAVENTURA, Mr. Jefri R. Sirait to Workshop PT PRAKARSA ETSA UTAMA, at Jl. Benda No. 100 Pedurenan Bantar Gebang – Bekasi.


Partnership Visit of PT PRAKARSA ENVIRO INDONESIA to BPPT – Puspitek Serpong

On Thursday, February 16th 2017 PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia  visited  BPPT – Puspitek Serpong. The visit represented by Mr Luhut Tunggul Sianturi, Mr. I Nyoman Widyatmika, Mr. Derry Pantjadarma, and Mr. Hadyan Ismail.


The visit was well received by BPPT – Puspitek Serpong by Dr. Rudi Nugroho as Director of Environmental Technology Center BPPT and he was accompanied by: Mr. Ir. Ikbal, M.Eng, Mr. Ir. Arie Herlambang, M.Sc., and Mr. Ir. Peter Nugro Rahardjo, M.Sc.

Being Trainees from Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation


Activities : Cost Reduction Program Training
Participants : 20 people from 9 SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise)
Date : 17 – 18 Oktober 2016
Executor : YDBA
Place : YDBA’s Office
Instructor : Pambudi Tyas Martopo


  1. The Introduction Of Cost Reduction Programs
  2. Cost/Fees In General
  3. Source Of Cost/Cost
  4. Get to know the “Muda, Mura and Muri (3 M)”
  5. The Organization of Cost Reduction Program
  6. The Potential of Cost Reduction Program
  7. The Plan Of Cost Reduction Programs
  8. Appendix (sample application)


The condition of the economy whis is not improved until now has resulted in declining corporate earnings, including for SMEs. These conditions encourage SME to do efficiency by reducing the costs.


To run the effective & efficiency program without reducing quality, cost, delivery & order (QCDI), YDBA organized the Cost Reduction Program  Training for 20 people from Small & Medium Enterprise of Manufacturing YDBA Partner in YDBA’s office Jakarta.


Training which was instructed by Pambudi Tyas Martopo was done by giving theory in the classroom and continued by discussing some examples of cases that can be solved both individually and group.


Through this 2 days training, the participants are expected to implement the Cost Reduction Program, so that no disadvantage when a company’s operating efficiency.


As a representative of the Prakindo Group i.e. Antoius Nainggolan and Effriel Aska


(Adapted from YDBA Magazine (Dharma Bhakti Astra Foundation), No 4 November issue 11 page 2016)