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Prakindo News October 2017

Fostering Synergistic Partnership

|   No: 21 Edition October 2017

APAR Training & Emergency Response Evaluation

Friday, 29 September 2017 PT PRAKARSA ENVIRO INDONESIA held APAR training and Emergency Response Evaluation followed by all employees. The training begins with a theoretical explanation by Ms. Trisna Widyaningsih and then continued with fire fighting simulation by Mr. I Nyoman Susila.

The training took place at workshop Jl. Benda No. 100 Padurenan Kec. Mustika Jaya, Kota Bekasi. There is also the purpose of this training is to prepare Emergency Response Team to be ready to cope with potential fire hazard.



To develop the water treatment business, especially in East Java and surrounding areas, on Monday October 9, 2017 PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia officially opened branch office of Malang which is located at the Housing of D’Wiga Regency Block A2 No.6 Lowok Waru – Malang 65141.

PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia Malang branch is managed by 5 (five) people with the stewardship structure as follows:

  1. Advisor                             : Heru Sugeng Priyono
  2. Head of Branch              : Ir. Mulyono Hartono
  3. Operational Manager    : Arifin M. Nurhadi
  4. Finance Manager           : Nanik Warianti
  5. Logistics Manager         : Nurul Wihandayani

With the opening of Malang branch office is expected to expand the service and reproduce the projects undertaken, especially in the area of ​​East Java and surrounding areas.

ISO introduction and Training version 2015

Along with the development of the business world and the intense competition and the change of ISO 9001: 2015, PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia has started preparing to make changes according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

One of the preparations that has been done is to hold “Introduction and Training of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015”, with mentor / speaker, Mr. Rio BP Simbolon who has long been in the world of ISO certification.

Essence of training materials:

Reasons for Change of ISO Vision 2015:

  1. Adjustments with Annex SL
  2. 5 year review
  3. Reduction of documentation suppression
  4. Increased emphasis on value achievement for organizations and customers
  5. Increased emphasis on risk management and leadership to achieve goals

Purpose of ISO Change version 2015

Identify aspects of regulatory impact to control risk assessment and leadership in order to achieve target and objectives.

Definition of Risk

Referred to as risk is the possibility of events or activities that hinder the achievement of organizational strategy and operational targets.

Assesmet Risk Step

  1. Understand and identify activities in the company (not to have activities that have not been identified)
  2. Understand and identify what product / job requirements (operational / project and non-production related constraints)
  3. Determine risk and / or opportunity on process
  4. Determine the form of risk control (methods, tools, materials, environment, man )
  5. Risk value
  6. Determine the form of upcoming control (methods, tools, materials, environment, man )
  7. Check the effectiveness of the action
  8. Perform improvemnet of the action performed

The training was attended by all existing divisions of Marketing, Project, Finance, Purchasing, Warehouse, Workshop and Top Management.