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Prakindo News September 2016


No. : 09 Edisi September 2016




On 30-31 August 2016, PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia participated in Hospital Expo in Patra Jasa Hotel (Semarang) which was held by PERSI (Perhimpunan Rumah Sakit Seluruh Indonesia).

This exhibition which followed by 500 participants is being a market place for PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia in giving a solution for sewage treatment in hospital. Sewage treatment technology owned by PT Prakarsa Enviro which is compact, easy to operate, consistent process results, and minimal maintenance, being the best solution for hospital sewage treatment plant. (ACW)





On Friday, 22 September 2016, PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia and PT Prakarsa Etsa Utama conducted Internal Training about PLC (Programable Logic Control)  and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Training  which was held in Grha Prakindo (4th floor) was lead by Dr. Ir. Jarot Suroso, M.Sc. from BPPT. This training aims to introduce the fully automated control technology according to customer needs. In water/wastewater treatment plant, PLC and SCADA system used to operate automatic control system that make user easy to control all the parameter of water quality, including level control, pH control, flow control, etc.(ACW)