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Mr Ir. Eko Yulianto was born in Boyolali, July 12, 1974, completed his studies at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering Surakarta, Chemical Analysist in 1995 and Bachelor Degree Program in Chemical Engineering Faculty of Industrial Engineering at Jayabaya University in 2007.

After his studies at the Chemical Engineering Faculty of Surakarta in 1995, he joined the company Electronic Component PT. Panasonic Gobel as Marketing. In June 1996 he joined PT. Guna Elektro as Sales Engineer for marketing under the leadership of Ir. Texin Sirait on Wastewater Treatment Plant until 2001. Had time to join PT. Kastraco Engineering until 2003 before finally deciding, together with former colleagues to develop PT. Enviro Initiative Indonesia.

Do not feel the time running, already 14 years ago Mr. Eko Yulianto devoted himself to PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia. He is very persistent and loyal in every effort to build PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia.

As a Leader, he is also very wise in dealing with all problems.Children The fruit is guided patiently until it completely understands. He is a leader who can nurture his Fruit Son. That is why not a few staffnya think of him as a friend or a friend but still respect him.

Mr. Eko Yulianto was married to Mother Endang Setyorini S on November 23, 1995. Until now, the couple Eko Yulianto and Endang Setyorini in awarding 4 children (2 sons and 2 peutri).As the head of the Family, he is also very fond of his wife and children.

In the activities of surrounding communities and religious, the figure of Mr. Eko Yulianto known a Muslim who is friendly and obedient worship but still uphold the values ​​of tolerance among religious people.


Saturday morning on May 13, 2017 ago, the family of PT Prakarsa Enviro Indonesia was very surprised with the news coming of grief which reported that Mr. Ir. Eko Yulianto has returned to the bosom of God Almighty. The day before was Alm. Mr Ir. Eko Yulianto underwent inpatient care in one of the private hospitals in Pekayon because the diagnosis result of doctors mentioned there has been swelling

Heart which resulted in frequent shortness of breath. By the time we visited Friday afternoon, May 12, 2017 we still had time to communicate with the deceased as a healthy person, no signs of worry. We only hope and continue to pray that He will soon be healed and restored.

Yet it turns out that God willed otherwise, God has recalled His bosom. Sad and heartbroken is abandoned by a friend, a boss and a father so good. We did not expect him to leave us so quickly. It is true that God’s answer is not what we want, but we believe God has other, more beautiful plans, especially for the families left behind. We can only give up his departure and we are sure that He has been healed of all his sicknesses, He is at peace in His lap. We also believe God will always take care of the wife and children of the late Mr. Eko Yuianto.

Saturday morning the deceased’s body from the hospital was brought back to his residence in Sakura Regency 2 for bathing and disholatkan as well as giving the chance of relatives and friends who want to pay their last respects.Upon completion, the body of the deceased Mr Eko Yulianto was sent to his hometown in Boyolali for burial.