ENVIRO SED units designed and manufactured to provide the most economical solution and effectively to the need for sedimentation and purification unit with the injection of chemicals, the right timing and mixing during the process of flocculation, setting up the inlet flow and using tube settler which is designed specifically to produce units that able to purify raw water with high turbidity with an area smaller than a conventional sedimentation units. Read More….
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ENVIRO ® DAF is a package of water treatment and waste water are based on technology Dissolved Air flotation (DAF). DAF itself is a chemistry-physics technology that has proven effective for water treatment as well as a pretreatment for the wastewater treatment industry. In the process, the micro bubbles (20-50m) generated from the production system of water saturation is reacted with air-suspended particles to the surface of the water to be separated by a skimmer system. Read More…
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ENVIRO FILTER ® is a water filter unit is simple and easy to operate. Filler media can be silica sand, Anthracite, Active Carbon, Manganese Greensand, or others. Based on its filler media.Read More…

Ion exchange is a technology that has been proven and tested to eliminate contaminants or to reduce unwanted substances and dangerous that naturally exist in water, a reliable, selective and economical. Water softening and deionization / demineralization is an application of this technology is the most commonly used in water treatment. Ion exchange system which we designed to vary from a small capacity, medium to large capacity in a compact package and a separate well. The system can also be done with automization for easy operation.Read More…